Parents Involvement In Early Childhood Education

I have done my study from India and I personally think my parents played an important part in my personal and academic life. Whether it’s their involvement from beginning of my study or help me to come out of personal problems. I have start working with children from January 2013 as volunteer. The first thing came in my mind that How as a practitioner I can encourage parents to involve in their child’s learning and development? Are there any barriers? If there is any then how to eliminate them, so that children can grow well while developing their skills of learning. As I observed there is a big difference between India and UK’s life style and Early Childhood Education.
My first experience in UK was a girl in my key group, who started nursery
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Mother told her that your teacher in my best friend and you can call her aunty. Aunty will help you in learning letters, name and number. Next day child came in to the nursery and sat quietly next to me. I tried to speak to her, but she used gestures like nodding her head and smile to express her feelings. I thought it’s a good start at least she shared her feeling using gestures. I did continuously observe her for next few weeks but she was still unsettled in involving with other children and practitioners, which was challenging for me. Then I contact parents again and asked them to do the mark making activity in a small group as mark making was her interest. Parents said, we won’t be able to make it together because of our shift pattern, but mother can come and join her in the morning. After discuss with my senior I arranged child’s session in the morning and planned mark making activity in a small group. She participated in the activity alongside her mother, children and me. She drew her name and mother’s name with some support and encouragement and showed her interest. While drawing, mother tried to build her confidence and relationship with me and other children. Her mother was using her home language including some English words as she wasn’t fluent in English and I could understand her home language. In just few sessions I realise with mother’s involvement child is began to show her interest in selecting and using resources. I made a daily communication diary for parents where I used to write about her nursery routine and asked parents to write about her or take pictures of things she does at home like dancing, playing my family or friends, which help me a lot to track her learning achievement of EYFS per her age. Every month I used to invite one of her parent as per their convenience to show child’s portfolio and her

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