My Children 's Books Taught Me By Daniel Hade Essay example

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Advertizing in America: Understanding Modern Sales Methods In the short essay, Lies My Children’s Books Taught Me, it primarily focuses on The Pleasant Company and the ways they advertise, market, and sell their American girl merchandise. Lies My Children 's Books Taught Me, is written by Daniel Hade, who is a professor of language and literacy at Penn State College. In Eric Schlosser’s essay, Kid Kustomers, he explains the injustice of marketing, and the idea of “cradle to grave” advertizing. This idea of advertizing is basically to get a kid so attached or devoted to a brand/toy that they don 't just buy it for themselves but for their kids in the future. Kid Kustomers helps us to better understand the book Lies My Children’s Books Taught Me by using “cradle to grave” exercises as a means of marketing and how it relates to the Pleasant Company’s ways of selling a doll or book to young kids. Many companies aim at kids; some of the most common are clothing stores, toy stores, and other related businesses. One of these popular companies, The Pleasant Company, which sells American dolls, are supposed to relate to varying girls in different eras of US history. Hade explains, “since that time the company has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States, selling millions of copies of their books and millions of dollars’ worth of dolls” (519). How do companies like the Pleasant Company become so popular? The most common answer is superior marketing and…

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