My Childhood

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Being asked about my childhood always gave me a antic feeling. The antic feeling did not occur because the question brought back bad memories, it occurred because it always has me realize how complicated everything in my life has been. I was born in Corpus Christi, TX in the year of 1999. I had lived in Corpus until I was about 5 years old. In those 5 years I was the happiest little girl I could be. Had both parents & two older brothers to protect me and because I was the only girl I’d get whatever I wanted. One day my mom and I came to San Antonio, TX to visit my aunt, Angelica. In this very short trip my mom ended up meeting a new guy. When I had found out I didn't like it whatsoever because as a young girl I wanted both my parents to be together. I remember staying a hotel with them and the next day I ran out the hotel because I did not want them to be together but that didn't work out. Few months after we went back to Corpus Christi, my mom ended up moving to San Antonio and so she took me away from my dad and brothers. I knew she was taking me away and I didn’t know when I’d see my dad again so, I had put a poster of all the memories we …show more content…
At first he wouldn't let me whatsoever, so it took a few hours to beg him to let me leave. When he let me leave, he told me he didn't want to hear me asking to come back. Living at my grandmas was better because I love being with her but it was still hectic because my mom came back with 2 kids. Months go by and in those few months it was so complicated cause my mom would go back and forth to San Antonio, going out, and we had our first physical fight. And I wasn't surprised when my mom told me she was going to move back to San Antonio with her baby daddy. It did bother me because she left me like nothing, but it wasn't long till I got over it because I was happy to live with my

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