My Childhood Through The Ecological Systems Lens Essay

1623 Words May 19th, 2016 7 Pages
As I review my childhood through the ecological systems lens, I have mixed emotions stirring in my stomach. These strong emotions stem from a well balanced childhood that was affected by one tragic event. It is important for me to start with the strong positive foundation of my microsystem before introducing the one, exosystem event that impacted my whole world. I was born on November 17, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia to Joe and Sharon Lynch. I was my parent’s third child, they were also parents to Shelley and Jeremy, six and three years old to me. It has always been a family joke that I was born to all four members of my nuclear family. I was blessed with one set of over protective parents and one set of over protective siblings.
Shortly before my second birthday, my family of five relocated from Atlanta to Oregon City, Oregon. My father, a electrician, would go to work for other family members already established in Oregon. My parents and siblings left behind their comfortable mesosytem. Both of my parents came from a close, large, religious family units. They were now taking their southern values and roots across the county to the Pacific Northwest. I truly can’t recall any of this event because I was so young. Again, another family joke is, “Mere, you were in diaper, when we move to Oregon!”. It is my family’s way of always explaining our move to me. Usually, I’m content with this reaction, however, the days of discussing important landmarks, such as visiting the Grand Old…

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