Essay about My Childhood Memories Of Learning Mathematics

1493 Words Jan 11th, 2016 null Page
My childhood memories regarding learning mathematics has been for the most part positive from 6th grade onwards. From 1st grade to 5th grade I was not conscientious so at times math tests produced anxiety but math was, at the same time, easier and simpler back then. I recall being the fastest person to state the multiplication tables in 4th grade. During 6th to 8th grade, although I was not necessarily the smartest, I landed at the top of the class in advance math since I was very hard working. However in 9th grade I recalled a horrific incident. I was in math methods class (the advance math class) and we were learning material that I just simply could not understand. I am not too sure if it was my teacher or if it was that I simply was having a difficult time in understanding. After almost half a year of struggling I went to office hours, had a tutor, and after trying all means, and it all became very frustrating so I decided to settle for the regular math class (standard math) instead of the advance math. It’s not that I did not take the challenge or that I wanted perfect grades but I believed if I were to excel and maximize my abilities, why not concentrate at something I was stronger at and something that would be relevant to my future career? By 9th grade we had to cater our classes towards what we planned to pursue in the near future. Since my passions and strengths lie more in the right part of my brain (social studies, English, psychology, acting, singing, music,…

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