My Childhood Is A Time Filled With New, Exciting Adventures, Growth, And A Kind Of Freedom

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Childhood is a time filled with new, exciting adventures, growth, and a sort of restricted freedom. You’re experiencing everything for the first time. You’re figuring out what you like and dislike. You’re becoming more and more independent everyday. When you’re a kid, you’re blessed with the gift of innocence and naivety. Unaware of the world outside the bubble you live in. Untouched by the by the cruelty of judgment or the pain of betrayal. You are simply yourself and that is enough. You haven’t noticed your flaws and quirks, and tried to fix them. You live life everyday in the moment, never looking back or worrying about the future. That’s what your childhood is for: to lay a strong foundation for the person you will become and hopefully prepare you for the experiences to come.
I was a two sided child growing up. I could either be , a.), extremely shy and conservative, or b.), sassy and confident. Around my friends and family, I loved to steal the spotlight, no matter what the occasion. I was charismatic and outgoing. There was one day, around nine years ago, my best friend Olivia and I were sitting on her mother’s couch in the living room. We had just gotten in a huge fight, or as huge as it could be between two five year olds… Olivia is sitting there with a horrified expression on her face: wide eyes, grim smile and her back pressed into the back of the maroon and cream striped couch. I on the other hand, I was sitting there with my arms folded across my…

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