Essay about My Chemistry Class About Grit

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I chose to teach my chemistry class about grit. As our new trimester has just started, I felt that it was an ideal time to begin direct character instruction, and specifically a good time to introduce grit and how it relates to success both in and out of the classroom. I had several goals for the lesson. First, I wanted to introduce the idea of grit to my students. Second, I wanted to give my students an opportunity to get to know each other a little better and gain some experience working in small groups. Third, I wanted students to understand why grit is important in science, and that grit is essential to scientific inquiry, learning, and discovery.

One thing that worked well in this lesson was the explanation of the rationale as to why grit is important and worth teaching. Though it was my students’ first encounter with the idea of grit, they were all clearly able to explain why grit is important, and how having grit helps students to be successful. Once they had shared their own rationales, I was able to build on their ideas by sharing why I think grit is important, particularly within the context of my school and my student population. I think the rationale was particularly effective because I allowed my students to think about and “discover” why grit is important on their own. I feel strongly that character instruction is ineffective if students are simply taught what a character strength means and looks like in a rote, academic way. However, if students generate…

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