Reflection Of Nursing Practice

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1.The characteristics that intrigued me of the nursing practice was when I was a patient at Danbury Medical Center when I was 10 years old. As a patient, I began to see the care that the nurses had given me. They took their time to make sure I had the best care possible. Whenever I was in pain the nurses were there by my side. They had taken the time to make sure I was as content with my current status. I had never expected that going to the hospital from flying off a cliff on my skateboard would direct me into my future dream job. The nurses showed me what patient care really and truly was. Patient care is putting others in front of your own needs. Being a great nurse is showing your patient that there is hope. Patient care is not only making …show more content…
She was a nurse working in the pediatric department at the time I had broken my femur. She made sure I received the best care I had possible. She became a great friend with my parents as well as a great friend to me. She mentored me through my nursing education and told me terrific stories about her nursing career. As we began to grow a friendship I realized that I wanted to become a Registered Nurse. She really opened my eyes to my future and became my role model. I feel to this day that the care you provide to your patients is the best characteristic of the nursing practice that you can …show more content…
I have no concern regarding being able to complete the nursing program. I promise to do my best and complete the nursing program to my strongest ability.
5. I will be successful in the nursing program by making sure I attend class prepared and on time in a superlative and most confident appearance I can. Being successful in the nursing program means to attend all my classes and demonstrate to my professors as well as my classmates that I am a great asset to the nursing program. I will be committed to the nursing program.
6. I chose Keiser University Nursing Program in February 2016. I walked into Wayne Warner 's office when I was 8 months pregnant. Expressing to him how badly I wanted to become a nursing student, he told me that I could do it. Many other schools I approached turned their back on me, feeling as if I would not complete the program with having a newborn on the way. He told me to complete the classes at Indian River State College then come back. I came back a month after my son was born and with my Associate 's degree and continued that I chose Keiser University Nursing Program. He had never turned his back on me and new that I will complete the nursing program. With a lot of support at home, I will be able to give the time an effort to show you that you will not be dissatisfied. I feel that Keiser University nursing program will be great for me because of the hands-on training, the smaller classroom sizes, as well as the wonderful staff I have encountered on

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