Essay On Single Parent Home

Throughout my entire life, I have had an entirely different life than most of my friends. Unlike most of my peers, I come from a low income, single parent home. Because of this environment, there have been some times when I have had some challenges. Despite these hardships that I and my family have faced, my mom has taught me how important it is to go to college and prepare for a profession that I will enjoy for the rest of my life.

Every since I have been a child, I have not had the chance of owning objects that I could call my own because my family did not make enough money. My mom could not buy my sister and I nice accessories because all the money she made went towards providing everyone with a stable life. My sister and I did not have the luxury of keeping up with the trends that my peers had. Instead, we would get hand-me-downs from my cousins and from my mom’s coworker’s families. Instead of having a house, my small family shared with my cousin, living in one room where I slept
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Every year, despite the hardship we go through, my mom brought me to different activities in order to broaden my career view. For example, during elementary school, I applied to a science camp, Camp Galileo. The camp taught me about the diverse science the world offers and what we accomplish with that knowledge. A group of friends and I would do projects together, like use a microscope to examine what is inside an onion cell compared to an animal cell. Not only would I just learn about science, but the program also provides other activities for the students to do. For example, I learned photography, taking pictures of anything and with a computer, I was able to modify the image to what I would like it to be. After the experience, I grew to love science and what it can be utilized to improve the world we live

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