Me Talk Pretty One Day Essay

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My greatest challenge with high school was surviving freshman year Spanish class. Just like David’s educational experience from, “Me Talk Pretty One Day”, I suffered from dealing with a difficult language teacher who overall made me into a better student. It was already tough trying to learn a new language but my teacher Mr. Farnelli made it even worst. Mr. Farnelli was an old Italian man who spoke about six or seven different languages. His accent was thick as can be, and it made it harder to understand anything he was saying. Coming to high school I was anxious, and I was very excited to be learned a language that wasn’t my own. Being in a class full of honor students there was a little discomfort for me, because I wasn’t use to being in an advanced class. The whole thing was a new …show more content…
First quarter went smooth got good grades to start off, and it felt good to be learning something new. Even though I had good grades in his class, learning in the class became a hard thing to do. In, “Me Talk Pretty One Day”, David Sedaris says, “I’m not completely in the dark yet I understand only half of what this woman was saying” (Sedaris 286). I felt the same with my Spanish teacher, could barely understand anything my teacher was saying. I would be lost in class, staying up all times of the night to trying to learn how to learn this language on my own. This was a very difficult thing for me because trying to read Spanish without out speaking it, is just a waste of time. There would be times when I just sit there and stir at the textbook just hoping I would be able to comprehend what was on the page. As the year progressed I fell short, started to failed a couple of test that had set me back grade wise. Worked began to get harder, and the fact that I was teaching myself didn’t help my situation either. After a few horrible test grades, I say that it was time to make a change in my approach to

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