Essay on My Cell Phone Is My Best Friend

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“My cell phone is my best friend. It 's my lifeline to the outside world.” said Carrie Underwood, an famous American country singer. In Sherry Turkle’s article “Always-on/Always-on-You: The Tethered Self”. She discusses how people in todays society are always attached to their devices even when its off. If you asked me for my input 2 years ago I would of probably disagreed with it, but today I couldn’t agree more. Turkle’s mentions in her article that if you go to a train station is no longer a communal space people no longer speak to each, instead they are tethered to their devices. “Each person at the station is more likely to be having an encounter with someone miles away”(122) “People ignoring those on they are physically with to give priority to online others” Carrie Underwood is an great example of Turkle’s statement; Underwood considers a phone her best friend, in other words replacing real friends with a device to be connected to her friends or as she puts it “outside world”. I agree with Turkle’s observations about people ignoring those who are right in front of them because they are talking to others online, I recently found it extremely rude . I remember having a conversation with a gentlemen named Sebastian who I met while I was waiting on my car that was getting an oil change at the BMW dealer in Westbrook, Maine. We talked about the most recent Olympics and the muggings that involved the athletes; Sebastian seemed like the type of person that could talk…

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