My Cause - Workforce Development Essay

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My Cause – Workforce Development
I honestly have to advise that if it were not for the most horrible boss in the world, I would not have gone back to school. I decided to return to school the Fall of 2011, but it was with a lot of reluctance, but when push comes to shove, my days of being taken advantaged of came to a head and I was done and made the decision to get my degree in marketing.
I have worked, as an Executive Assistant, for many years, and for a couple of different companies. There were numerous occasions that I performed the tasks of an Assistant Brand Managers. I had attempted several times to be promoted into a similar position and consistently advised that it could not happen as I did not have my degree. I enrolled at Davenport, in the summer of 2011, and started taking two online courses from that point on.
Many adults are now making similar decisions in order to have more growth opportunities within their current place of employment or elsewhere. The same goes for the following:
“In May, just shy of her 49th birthday, she expects to receive her diploma with a major in anthropology and a minor in English. For the onetime high school dropout, who waited tables, taught preschool and worked as a commercial account manager for an insurance company, her motivation for pursing a degree was simple. “I wanted to create more life chances,” she said.” (Zipkin, Amy, NYTimes)

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