My Career Plans For College Essay

1613 Words Jan 19th, 2016 null Page
“What are my career plans? To graduate from college with a degree in something I love and get a job to earn lots of money for my family.”

“Why am I applying for this a scholarship? I am applying because college is expensive and I don’t have much money and need it to pay for college.”

“Leadership and service accomplishments? I have plenty of those, was an officer of six clubs and numerous community service hours helping (insert group or cause here) and have awards from the principal and the president.”

“Why should I be chosen? Pick me because I have lots of extracurricular and community service activities, a good GPA, am accepted to six colleges, and need the money to go to college or else I won’t go if I can’t pay.”

These are just some of the common answers that I know many deserving students across the country just like me are writing in their scholarship essays this year. These answers are not bad with a little elaboration, but today, they are clichéd. Okay, maybe I will be mentioning some of these the statements above here in my personal essay as those answers are not exactly wrong, but I would like to take the opportunity to explain how I am unique as a student and why I should be selected for an Epsilon Sigma Alpha Foundation Scholarship based on my service and leadership accomplishments, scholastic ability, and financial need.

Throughout high school, I was been involved with a variety of activities that have a focus on service and leadership…

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