My Career Path That Interests Me The Most Is The Foreign Service

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At this point in my life the career path which interests me the most is the Foreign Service. This is has been a career interest of mine throughout high school and continues to be today. Saying that getting a job in the State Department is hard is a bit of an understatement. After spending months researching others’ endeavors trying to get employed the Department of State, I’ve learned it is one long battle. You are essentially competing with yourself every time. Surprisingly with all the negative experiences of getting hired I’ve received, I still want to pursue it. For me, the biggest reason why I want to do this is the opportunity to travel and really immerse myself with people from various cultures. It is also about broadening my horizons, I really believe that we have a lot to learn from other nations and by being more open minded we can help to better shape our country. With that said I would love to represent the country that made me who I am today, promoting some of our ideals while being respectful to the beliefs of others. It’s different from any other job, I believe that it teaches you how to how to be the best version of yourself. Individuals who have both passed a civil service test known as the FSOT (Foreign Service Office Test) and have been hired, are then required to choose a career track within the department. New hires are faced with five options; Consular officer, Economic officer, Management officer, Political Officer, Public Diplomacy Officer.…

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