Personal Narrative: My Interest In History

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My world is enlightened, brilliant, and explicit because of history. It helps me understand who I am and allows me to never forget my roots. I have always had an interest in history simply because an understanding of the past helps us distinguish the present and prepare us for the future. Although there are many types of history, my interest in particular is the history of the United States of America. It is fascinating that our nation’s history started by our forefather’s exploration of a new world and ended up creating a new free country. Even more, I had this interest in history since middle school. It was then that I knew that I wanted to pursue a degree in history. In addition, during my years of high school, I also took college NOW courses …show more content…
I mention above that one of the course that help me be problem-solver was Algebra this course was a general education requirement. Algebra helped me improve my problem -solving techniques. By understanding quantitative arguments and methods this skill will be very beneficial and can be used in social sciences, and business. Another course that helped me have a clear writing and speech was Introduction to college reading and writing this course I learned how to organizing materials in a logically and coherently. This course gave me the tool and ability to identify main ideas, summarize, evaluate information, clustering out like, writing and revising. A degree in history focuses on writing. This course really helped me with my final research paper applying reading, writing and thinking skills to an academic field of …show more content…
Even though I can choose a historical degree from a wide range of possibilities. Historical studies are made of factor such as organizing framework like Disciplinary, Interdisciplinary, Thematic Framework, Problem-oriented and Professional concentrations. Disciplinary concentrations include work in western civilization- national regional or ethnic histories in my degree plan an Economic History of the West, was a course that reflects a disciplinary concentration are in which the economic development and changes throughout the expansion of western civilization. Another course was Historiography in which history has been written by exploring what form historical

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