My Career In Ahsanullah University Of Science And Technology

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A life of twenty three years, and whenever I look back, what I can remember is that I have always been enchanted by the way things work. Curiosity for unraveling the functions of devices and passion for disclosing the mystery of math started very early, when I participated in various science fairs. And in course of time, this multifarious experiences has shaped me into an engineer today.
After passing my school and college having an excellent record, I satisfied my thirst for the practical knowledge of science and math by admitting myself into Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST), one of the top most engineering universities of Bangladesh. When it came to choose the department selection, I had to take an authentic decision for my betterment in life. As a developed country, Bangladesh is highly dependent on its industries. However, there are some lacking in proper training and command in our industrial sector. These are the motives that differ from industry to industry. Thus, there are ample opportunities for me as I will be able to implement my theoretical knowledge in the practical field. Since I always liked to resolve the puzzles, I
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There were so many attractive theoretical subjects such as Project and Operation Management, Production Planning and Control, Operations and Research, Supply Chain Management, Quality Management. In fact, I also went through several practical subjects too. For instance C++, Industrial Simulation, MATLAB, Mechanical Drawing, Product Design and Development were some of the practical course and I also used to get good grades in it, which shows the better practical knowledge of mine. All course programs were a mixture of theory and practice. These courses not only enhanced my learning but also given me another path of thinking. I feel that by studying in AUST I have enchanted my analytical bent of

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