Statement Of Purpose: A Career In Counseling Psychology

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University Research Project Part Three My career goal is to be a counseling psychologist. Counseling psychologists typically

work in private practices, where they help people work through their struggles in a healthy

manner. They allow the patients to talk about all the issues and problems that they are facing in

life, so that the counselor can see the areas that need the most work. This career path is one

that allows the people with the exhortation gift or the mercy gift to help those who are

struggling, but these professional counselors may face some struggles in their career. Two areas

that counselors sometimes struggle with are the confidentiality part of their job and not

allowing their patient’s struggles affect the relationship with the counselor’s
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As a result, sometimes psychologists need to be reminded the importance of

confidentiality because they need to provide an environment that the patient can be comfortable.

Based on laws that have been made by the American Psychological Association, there are moral

principles that all these rules are made. These rules “have a utilitarian aspect to them as well. It is

assumed that patients will be more open in their communications if they have an assurance of

confidentiality” (Knapp, p. 112). Providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the client is

essential for a person’s recovery because it allows the client to be comfortable sharing their

struggles. In regards to confidentiality, the three aspects that have been covered are just some of

the areas that could be a struggle for counselors.

Overcoming these obstacles is a key thing that I must learn how to do, so that I can be

very effective in counseling people. Personally for me, I need to understand that the way that I

worked through my circumstances might not work for everyone else. Also, I need the focus on

the fact that no matter how hard it is, by law I am required to keep my patient’s

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