My Career Goals : Psychology Essay

753 Words Dec 10th, 2015 4 Pages
I’ve been studying psychology for three years now and I am still waiting for the day where I wake up feeling like I know more about the subject than I did the day before. As is typical for students of a field with such depth, my experience with psychology is that the more I learn the less I know. I hope that at some point I will feel like I have a decent grasp, my prospective career goals require it of me. I feel it would be appallingly irresponsible for me to do what I hope to without first acquiring a high level of expertise. I decided I needed to study psychology because of a small degree of guilt. I m nosey, others occasionally describe this trait of mine as having “good listening skills”, but the truth is that I ask questions I shouldn’t far too often. Not only do I ask questions I shouldn’t, but I offer advice that I shouldn’t, and I offer it with devious confidence. I should clarify that I don’t give the kind of advice that your aunt does; I don’t give tips, and I don’t make suggestions. I offer differing interpretations, I try to challenge people’s views, I try to help them see their problems in a new light. Most of the time people tell me this helps. I love that. I find myself doing it a lot, and worse, as I get older I find myself doing it with kids; kids with troubles that I deeply empathize with. I’m not arrogant. Even before beginning to study psychology, I knew all I was providing was uneducated guidance falsely legitimized by a confident delivery. I knew…

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