My Career Goals Of The United States Essay

797 Words Sep 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
From a young age, I learned to be independent when needed. That’s probably the reason why, on a morning of January 2014, I dealt with a life-changing decision: whether to stay in Cuba (my home country) or depart to the United States to fulfill my most ambitious career goals.
On the one hand, I had a successful job as Business Consultant in a respected learning center and a top country’s university. Back in those days, the Cuban Government allowed the biggest expansion of private businesses since 1959. Seizing the moment, I took action and opened my own consulting business through various international projects. In two years, I helped turn more than 70 self-employees into successful entrepreneurs. During this time, I worked with a wide range of small ventures from different fields: hospitality, retail, catering services, agricultural products and more. Such experiences taught me how to approach and deal with diverse people and particular business ideas. I consider this a valuable insight to bring with me to Franklin University.
Likewise, I had a promising future in the tourism industry. I found this idea as the major issue to make my determination. Three years before becoming a Business Consultant, I started as Assistant Marketing Manager in TRANSTUR, the biggest car rental enterprise in the country. After managing the Branding Strategy and leading the Sales Team of a regional branch for one year, the CEO announced my promotion to Marketing Manager. Soon, I learned a…

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