My Career Goals Of A 46 Year Old Man

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Career Goals of a 46-Year-Old Man For as long as I can remember, it has been a goal of mine to support my family and see that their every need is met. The first forty-six years of my life has been the need to help and support my family. The next forty-six years I plan to create a better life for myself and my family by achieving the one regret I have always had and that is obtaining my college degree. I have spent many long nights with my family trying to decide if that is even possible. After all the conversations with family members, co-workers and close friends I made a decision that will cement my future by returning to college. Now the question is what will I do? The current position I hold at work helped me come to that conclusion. I am currently a Sales and Marketing Consultant for Bibb Distributing Company where I have been employed for sixteen years. I have been approached by Human Resources about a Senior Sales Managers position. After the conversation with HR, I knew what I would have to achieve my degree in and that would require a degree in the business field. Since, I enjoy my job in marketing that decision was easy and decided on a Bachelor’s of Science in Business …show more content…
I have often asked myself if I can really make this an obtainable goal. The support from my family has been outstanding and each member has made statements to me that give me the strength each day to know that I can. My boss, as well, has mentioned to me on several occasions that I have a promising career at Bibb Distributing Company. The support I have received from the company to return to school is a tremendous boost to my self-esteem. The support I have gained from everyone has ultimately given me the boost I need to reach my graduation goals and knowing that I have a career option that I have strived to get, will be a reality once I complete my education goals through

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