My Career Goal of Becoming a Dental Hygienist

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Torion Johnson
Mrs. Ornes
My Career Goal of Becoming a Dental Hygienist
Ever wonder why your dentist doesn’t actually clean your teeth? It’s cause that’s the job of the dental hygienist. They are specialist at keeping your teeth and gums healthy and clean. My goal of becoming a dental hygienist will soon come to pass. All I need is dedication, motivation, ambition, and understanding. This latter element becomes very important when discussing this career field. The most basic elements that one must understand when considering becoming a dental hygienist are threefold; first, I must possess the education requirements that are necessary for admittance to this field. Second, I will discuss the nature of the work,
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Work scheduling for a dental hygienist is really flexible. Thirty-two hours a week is considered full-time for a dental hygienist. Usually work Monday-Thursday from 8-5 some offices are open on weekends, but most are closed from Friday-Sunday.
Cited sources from Missouri Connections explained salaries and job outlooks for dental hygienist. The median salary for a dental hygienist was $66,570 back in May 2008. If you work in larger cities the pay is more than those in the smaller rural areas. With that being said the lower 10% of hygienist earned less than $44,180. However, the hygienist in the higher 10% earned more than $91,470. Earnings differentiate according to experience and employment settings. Some hygienists are paid salary, hourly, daily, or on a commission basis. The benefits are 401 K, vacation, and sick days. The demand for dental hygienist is more than average. It’s anticipated to grow 36% through 2018. Employment totals in 2008 were at 174,100 jobs. The projected amount of jobs by 2018 is estimated to be at 237,000. That’s an amazing 62,900 jobs opening for that 10 year range.
The career of being a dental hygienist is what I’m

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