Essay on My Career Goal : Career Goals

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“Knowledge is power. You can 't begin a career, for that matter even a relationship, unless you know everything there is to know about it.”-Randeep. My personal career goal was decision that I had to critically think about. They are many career options that you can choose from and it can be hard to narrow it down to the one that best suit to your talent. With that being said, I have decided that my career goal is to be a marketing manager which are responsible for managing marketing, advertising and promotional staff. Most companies require a bachelor degree for marketing manager position. Candidates with business degree or marketing are preferred, although other degrees may be accepted if they include coursework in marketing, consumer behavior, market research and communications according to University Alliance. Including the educational qualifications, marketing managers should have well-developed analytical, management and leadership, interpersonal and decision-making skills. The process of pursuing as a career as a marketing manager, but that educated me on my career goal, be realistic about what I want to achieve, and plan thoughtfully about how reach my goals. To begin with, the process that I took to decide on a career goal was a long stressful rational decision. I always had trouble on figuring out what I truly want to accomplish in this world through my career. The help of career fitter, which is an online career assessment, was very beneficial to my decision.…

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