Why I Chose This University

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Before entering my senior year in high school, I researched top colleges/universities in the nation that would cater to my career goals, college environment, and allow me the opportunity to experience a new atmosphere where I can network and meet great people. Out of all of the colleges/universities that I researched, three of them sparked my interest and gave me the desire to apply. Of the colleges/universities I plan to apply to, my top three choices are Duke, Howard, and Emory University. Each of these universities interest me the most because of their highly acclaimed biology programs, which will provide me with the education that I need to be successful in my field of study
After graduating high school, I plan to major in biology, chemistry,
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Growing up in a small city where there were not enough fun and exciting activities to be involved, made me want to experience being in a new atmosphere and attending a college that is in a lively place where there are many activities to be involved in. Growing up in a small city also involved everyone being familiar with each other. I could not go to the stores or out in the town without seeing someone I knew and someone who was familiar with the people I was related to. I want to venture out and be able to have a new experience. Going to a college away from home would allow me to get away from familiar faces and meet new people; Duke, Howard, and Emory University, are away from home and are in lively places that I would allow me to enjoy a new atmosphere and …show more content…
Duke University is one of the top universities in the nation, known for its academics. Attending Duke would challenge me academically and push me to excel. Duke University is also closer to my home town which would give me an opportunity to be farther away from home, while also being close enough to be able to visit home more frequently than farther colleges. Howard University is one of the top Historically Black Colleges(HBCU) in the nation. Howard University is one of the HBCU’s that tend to have lower tuition and give more scholarships. Howard attracts me because of its known diversity; the school will allow me to me be exposed to many different kinds of people. Howard University also has small class sizes which would allow me to have a personal relationship with my teachers and be able to go to them when I need assistance. Lastly, Emory University is one of the top schools in the nation and is known to have caring professors who care about the well-being of their students. Emory is also located in Atlanta which is a popular city that is diverse and has activities involving shopping, visiting parks and museums, and

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