My Career At Beautiful Culture Essay example

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Marketing has always been my focus of interest. I easily drew the attention of my neighbors from a young age. As I grew up, I hit a sweet spot in my marketing skills during my third year in primary school. I successfully sold my transformer model to my elder brother and bought a brand new one with the money. After entering the workplace, I realized that marketing is an absolutely necessary activity for companies.

As a student majoring in Accounting at Beijing Forestry University, I was a very inquisitive and sociable student. My academic background has given me a solid foundation for my future studies at XXX. My professional work experience at Gorgeous Culture (GC), a company offering comprehensive services for a multifaceted exchange and communication between us and the rest of world, has nurtured my profound interest in marketing. It was always my desire to become a marketing analyst who could help solve the marketing problems for enterprises, especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). XXX is well known for its challenging academic environment and supportive community culture. I am convinced that my studies at LSE will provide me with the comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to achieve my career goals.

Whilst working as a marketing manager and coordinator at GC, I was able to hone my coordinating skills and conduct a lot of market research. My work in draughting the business plans and providing suggestions to customers exposed me to the…

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