My Career As A Teacher Essay

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As freshman year continues on, my heart is still set on pursuing a career in the education field. After taking an introductory course in teaching, I feel like there is no other path for me to take. Although I experienced some hesitation in the beginning of the year, I was assured that becoming an elementary teacher fit with my interests (Strong Interest Inventory Profile). This assessment truly helped because I was not entirely sure which age group I wanted to teach. My personality test informed me that I was Introversion Intuition Feeling Judging which informed me that I need a purpose, I understand complex relationships, I am deeply committed to personal values, I am creative, and that I enjoy learning abstract theories (MBTI Interpretive Report). These personality traits made me more aware of who I am and made me even more excited to become a teacher.
Both of the surveys combined with my introductory course allowed me to be confident in my decision to pursue a career as an elementary teacher. However, I also used the surveys to help me consider a backup plan. I genuinely care about people and what to help children. Should teaching not work out, I believe my personality would fit a job as a counselor. However, my heart is still set on teaching. Through a lecture in my Introduction to Education course, we discussed skills such as public speaking, being empathetic, creative, and hardworking (Wilson). I am aware that I will not have the greatest pay in the world.…

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