Essay on My Career As A Registered Nurse

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I plan to have my nursing degree in the near future and begin my career as a registered nurse. Registered nurses are also known as charge nurses or directors of nursing (DON). Nurses assist physicians by assessing the patients’ health problems, making accurate and detailed medical reports, and administering care, if needed, among many other tasks. Registered nurses are a vital part of the health care field and are always in high demand. They play an important role in the patient’s experience during their visit as they have contact with him/her first and then relay the information to the physician. Registered nurses are required to have a nursing degree and must be licensed in the state they work in. Most employers also require certification, so it is important to have as well. Registered nurses must pass an exam, the N-CLEX –RN, in order to obtain licensure. It usually takes four years of college to earn a degree in nursing, and this helps to prepare for the exam. A bachelor’s degree in health science will help me to become a registered nurse. An education in health science is important to possess in nursing because I will be dealing with public health and need to have extensive knowledge in this area. Some personality traits that are essential to have in nursing are: integrity, likes to care for others and help people, being understanding and compassionate, and being tolerant. Nurses must be dependable, able to handle stress, pay attention to…

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