My Career As A Career Essay

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When looking for a career it is important to look for possibilities. One of my academic goals is to continue pursuing a graduate degree after earning my bachelor’s degree. However, I never really thought about a career that I can do with a bachelor’s in psychology. That being said, one job that crossed my mind was being a preschool teacher. Although, a bachelor’s degree is not really required it is recommended. A graduate degree career that I always thought about pursuing is a forensic psychologist or pursue a career in education, such as being academic counselor and working at a community college. I really like working with kids and I think education is really important that is why I would like to become an educator. However, I also like psychology because it focuses on understanding, predicting, and observing behavior. I feel that a forensic psychologist comes to mind because I like criminal justice and psychology I like learning about people’s behavior and how one grew up to be or is capable of doing certain things. I like learning about the law and criminology of it. I would be focusing in the occupational outlook for preschool teacher and for forensic psychologists as my career goal. Although they both focus on different areas they both share similar qualities.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics a preschool teacher educates and cares for children younger than age 5 children at this age have not entered kindergarten. I think teaching kids the basics at a…

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