Physical Therapist Career Goals

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After 17 years of my life, I had finally answered the infamous question: what do you want to be when you grow up? The profession of physical therapy has always caught my eye along with being in the military. My passion for helping others along with my desire to serve my country has lead me to discovering the position of a physical therapist in the Navy. The job entitles helping those who were injured serving the great country of America, their families, and others who cannot afford care and to restore their injuries back to a fully functional state through therapy. The pathway to reach my goal of being a physical therapist (PT) in the Navy is difficult; however, with setting goals in my undergraduate and graduate education, I will be able to …show more content…
My freshman year at Grand Canyon University (GCU) has revolved around job shadowing at diverse settings along with searching for prospective graduate schools. Starting sophomore year, I plan on joining Arizona Health Occupations Students of America (AZHOSA) to make connections, further develop my professionalism, and to gain valuable experiences I would not otherwise get. Narrowing down my list of potential graduate schools and visiting their campuses for admissions workshops will prepare me for what I need to do for those exact colleges that I am very interested in. As I plan on taking the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) on my junior year, I will begin to prepare for it and continue earning hours for job shadowing. Furthermore, my junior year will consist of finalizing my physical therapy common application service (PTCAS) application, taking the GRE, and sorting all of the things I may need for my college applications, like letters of recommendation (LOR). The US Army-Baylor program requires 100 job shadowing hours and a minimum of 3 LORs to apply (“US Army-Baylor University,” 2015). Over the summer following my junior year, I can take my entry exam or retake others if I can score better. I will submit all applications at a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the deadline and prepare for interviews. My senior year will only consist of an exit interview, turning in the PTCAS application, obtaining official transcripts for the application processes, and preparing for interviews for graduate

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