My Career And Career Goals

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1. What are your career goals? How and why did you select these? Do you feel they will change in the future? Why? I am uncertain about my career goals. I am still thinking about what to do in my life and what career I am choosing for once I graduate. I had many career goals when I was in High School, but they all changed when I realized that those careers I were leaning towards were not ideally of what I expected to be. I will need to research and speak with people about careers before I graduate from college. Currently, I am leaning towards working for the public sector in which I can be able to help people in need. I am not certain in what specific job that would be but I am trying to research in what could it be. It’s not easy to choose, …show more content…
My goals in life is to be independent so that I can provide myself financially and live in healthy lifestyle. I would like to have a nice house to own in a comfortable neighborhood. The reason why is because I like to own property for the first time. I am uncertain in where to live, but I know that I want to not move far away from my family. This could depend if the career that I choose could be required for me to locate somewhere. I will be providing financial help towards my family, because they help me grow up in a life that I couldn’t dream of. If faith, courage, and love happens in the future in meeting a wonderful partner, then hopefully I’ll be engaged with her and start a happily family together. Till then I need to do my best in accomplish on my to do list during and after …show more content…
The Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with concentration in Public Administration is probably the best fit for me right now to pursue. It’s almost too late for me to change majors but I am confident that the 4-year degree that I am pursuing is the right choice. The major may be specifically for business in administration role, but I believe the major could be universal to many careers.
4. How do you believe your major (and minor) will help you achieve your other life goals? Be sure to reflect upon all of the requirements for the major (and minor). What else do hope to gain from your experience in this regard? The major will help me achieve my life goals because having a college degree takes time, energy, and money to accomplish a bachelor’s degree. People that I know said to me that I choose go for higher education is rewarding in life in the long term. If I stop in my goals in pursing and learning in school, that my life will be very tough and I will be lost in knowing in what I can do in this society. I have to accomplish my goal in obtaining a college degree.
5. How do you believe your general education experience will help you achieve your career goals? Be sure to address all of the general education components. What else do you hope to gain from your experience in this

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