My Career And Achieving Career Essay example

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Choosing your career can be stressful, knowing how your going to achieve that career can be even more stressful. Having the right people know who you are and what your goals are. As well as knowing the right people can help decrease the stress in choosing your career and achieving your career. This is a part of Networking. Networking helps correlate those around you in the same field or with higher authority in that field to help you achieve and become more sophisticated in the career wishing to be achieved. When starting with networking I feel and it has been stated in our reading that how you decide to implement networking to start getting your goals achieved it is best to have recommendations. This will help create relationships and connections to help those in the field with a higher authority get to know you. This cant be done all at once. Start small by working with family, friends, those around in your neighborhood, past managers and leaders. These people know who you are, they know how great you are and what you can do. Networking is not just who knows you and who you know. Having many of resources can help in networking. In my opinion those are all just voices. Those who are looking at you and considering you for any sort of job it is good to have resources. Only having resources could harm you though. Volunteering, extra-curricular activities, student organizations, and internships. These can all help entice those who are looking at you. This can increase your…

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