My Calling And Purpose In Career

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My Calling and Purpose in Career
Growing up I had the desire to be someone of significant importance. I remember wanting to initially be an obstetrician/gynecologist, then shortly after I had my son I realized the desire was not there anymore. I believe at first I wanted to become an obstetrician because I was experiencing something life altering that completely had my attention, pregnancy was an experience I lived daily for 40 weeks. In 2007, when my son was 3 years old my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.
At that particular point in my life I had an overwhelming desire to nurture and become a care taker. At this time I was 20-years-old and believed it was my calling to become a nurse. Immediately, I began taking classes to become a nurse. I wanted to learn how to accurately take and provide care for people. Once I became a Certified Nurse’s Assistant I learned how difficult taking care of someone is.
From my experience, being a CNA is similar to having to take care of a young child. If a person is immobile or unable to take care of themselves no matter what stage in life they are in, the CNA comes in and assists those people with their daily regimens from waking up, showering them, feeding, dressing, and taking them to the restroom when they need to go, etc. After some time being a CNA my desire began to wane. I began to
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I am thankful I am able to integrate faith and spirituality into my career. I truly see this as a blessing because I feel I do not have to choose between one and the other. I am able to incorporate my Christian faith and values into my career through school and through my place of work. God has blessed me and placed me in the right places and has led me to the people and circumstances which will fully grow me and develop me to become a more fully rounded

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