My Call To A Chief Officer

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Call to The Chief As leaders, we face many challenges. We have all been told one time in our career that to be a good leader we must first learn to follow. My call to the chief is to follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before you by attending the Chief Petty Officer Academy (CPOA). I encourage you to attend the Chief’s Academy with an open mind. The following three classes were very valuable and insightful: Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) assessment, Generations, and Stress Management. Attending Chief Petty Officer Academy was not my highest priority, but through the days and weeks I began to see the value of enhancing my leadership and followership skillset. To begin with, take a few moments and candidly consider how you …show more content…
I know that a couple of months ago, if I were asked, I would have told you that my meter was pegged. Week three comes rushing in with an incredible opportunity to evaluate your stress level on graph. This is an amazing piece of information that is immediately valuable. It lets you see on paper in which areas of life you are experiencing stress. Most students did not even know they were stressed. Simply pausing and taking a moment before responding, as I learned, can go a long way towards improving working relationships with others. It is not what your people can do for you, but what you can do for your people. I keep this in the front of my mind on a daily basis to remind me that it is not all about me. I am confident the skills you gain while at CPOA will make you a more confident and successful leader. To sum things up, we as leaders need to adapt and overcome many obstacles to achieve a common goal. How we get there is a true leader’s art form, so I gave you a call to the chief. To embrace the Chief’s Academy with an open mind. I suggested some classes that were near and dear to my heart: LPI 360 assessment, Generations, and Stress Management classes. I hope you enjoy your experience as much as I did, and take full advantage of all the learning opportunities. After week 5 is over and you return to work consider this, who are you going to be on week

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