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Hunger for success, inspiration, diligence and persistence are also the hallmarks of success of entrepreneurs in smaller towns, where glamour may be lacking but the quieter and gentler way of life as well as the desire to hang on to local roots are assets in their own right.
Rashmi Bansal is the author of a number of books on startups and social entrepreneurship, such as Poor Little Rich Slum (see my review). She graduated from Sophia College in Mumbai and IIM Ahmedabad.
The book (357 pages, published by Westland India) covers three kinds of entrepreneurs: those who left India and then returned to launch their ventures, those who never left India, and those who have a broader social vision. Each entrepreneur profile in the book is about
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He started off with a Japanese company making Mac products. Exposure to Japanese passion, determination, pride and quality inspired him also to strike out on his own, in the area of Indian language computing. Rohit was also inspired by Taiwanese companies who started off with contract manufacturing then branched out with their own brands such as HTC and Acer. His company, Robosoft, also spawned product companies Global Delight (utility apps such as Camera Plus) and 99 Games (such as Wordsworth and ‘Dhoom 3’ games).
Sanjay Vijaykumar, Sijo Kuruvilla George and Pranav Suresh were engineering students in Trivandrum, and started off their first business by selling SIM card packages for students. Their company MobME began with mobile content for movie and TV promotion. Investment also came from wealthy Keralites in India and overseas. But their biggest idea was to amplify their success via Startup Village: to create an innovation hub like YCombinator and ultimately create a ‘Silicon Coast’ – which eventually found support from the government and private sector. As a result, Kerala has become the first state in India with an official student entrepreneurship policy.
Deepak Dhadotti grew up in Belgaum in an agricultural family, studied engineering and then joined the UK company, Moog, in the area of servo-controls. He travelled extensively in Asia and Europe, building deep experience – and also causing worry to his parents

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