My Brother's Voice Stephen Nasser Character Analysis

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Samo Omar
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One in a Million

The Holocaust was a tragic event where only a low number of people came out alive, Stephen Nasser was one of those that made it out alive. In the Holocaust The Nazi’s, dictated by Adolf Hitler sent their troops all around europe taking away the lives of Jews and sending them to concentration camps as anti-Semitism was occurring at the time. At the age of 13, Stephen Nasser (Pista), his mother and brother Andris were taken to a concentration camp called Auschwitz in Poland. In Auschwitz people were poorly treated and suffered a lot of injuries. After liberation, Stephen Nasser then wrote the book “ My Brother’s Voice” to share with us his painful experience throughout the Holocaust. In the path of surviving
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Pista did that perfectly as he used that trait multiple times throughout the Holocaust. When Pista’s father was about to die due to sickness, Pista did not live in denial and did face the truth, as Pista believed the truth and admit that his father will die soon as he stated “ I have a feeling my father won’t live much longer. I’d never thought it is possible to feel this sad” (Nasser 30). Stephen was strong enough to admit that his father would die and that is a part of following the trait of perceiving and believing rather than living in disapproval. Another example that identified the prove of Pista using the trait of perceive and believe is when Pista’s brother, Andris was sick in the sick bay, Pista believed that he will save the life of his brother Andris, as he stated “I'll stick to my plan, I’m convinced, because I have to. I can't let my brother die !” (Nasser 152). Stephen was filled with belief that he could save his brother, therefore he is believing to do something he is approaching for. Lastly, After Joska revealed the news of Hitler’s death, both Joska and Pista believed in themselves and that they will make it out alive and escape. This shows that Pista has passionate belief about everything he needs. Proving that he never gives up and believes he will achieve. The trait of perceive and …show more content…
All of the survival traits Pista used to make it through this event were done and used in different aspects to help him live through the Holocaust. Stephen went through a very harsh time as the hatred of jews around 1945 was very strong (anti-Semitism). Anti-Semitism had been around for a very long time, as it has been around since the time of Alexander the Great in 300 B.C- 2300 years. Since then the hatred of jews was kept and brought back a lot throughout history. Nearly every country around the world discriminated and hated jews. Some countries had no reason to but yet did since everybody hated them. People were against jews from multiple reasons like the accusation of Jews killing Jesus,blood libel, and because Jews were a menace to society and most christians thought they should be treated differently. There were also economic reasons people hated jews as they are known for being always wanting money as people thought they both control and steal money from people. With all these reasons, majority of the world were against Jewish people, that is why the Nazi’s and Hitler used Jews as slaves and treated them very badly. Even though most of Europe believed these stereotypes and rumors, most of them are false as Jews do not control money, as through the seventeenth to twentieth century, Jews were dirt poor, and had no

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