My Brother, Sister, And I Essay example

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My brother, sister, and I were playing outside when my father opened the backyard door and informed us that we needed to come inside. He mentioned that he needed to have a meeting with us. My siblings and I gathered on the couch, waiting and ready to hear what was about to come. “Kids, your mother and I… are getting divorced,” my father said. My brother and sister broke out into tears while I quietly sat there not knowing exactly what a divorce was since I was 9 years old. I asked my father to explain what happens when parents get divorced. He said, “Mommy and I do not get along so we will be living separately, but do not worry I will keep in touch.” Unlike most kids that deal with their parents getting divorced, I was secretly happy deep down inside because this meant that I would no longer have to deal with my mean and abusive father.
As a child, I was constantly surrounded by quarrelling parents. I absolutely hated seeing my father yell at my mother because she was always doing something wrong according to him. The simplest things would agitate my father. If his shirt was not ironed quickly enough, he would raise his voice at her. If my mother gave my father a plastic spoon to eat with, he would lose his temper and demand that he should receive a silver spoon instead. I would constantly try to comfort my mother and tell her that one day everything will be alright. It would really hurt me to see my mother cry because knowing her she is a very strong person; however, she…

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