Personal Narrative: My Legacy

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It matters most that I leave a legacy for my baby brother. As a first-generation American, I resonate with the stories of seeking a better life and building a legacy for my family and community, paving a way that has often never been seen within my family.

For 13 years, I grew up with my mother, father, and older brother. We routinely went to Savannah, GA every Thanksgiving to visit my mom’s family, but there was one holiday visit that was unforgettable. The day before Thanksgiving there were eight of us sitting at the dinner table when my parents informed us that next year we would need to add another chair to the table. I wondered who else would be joining us until they went further to tell us my mother was pregnant. I was not ready! I
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My parents were older and needed support. I knew I needed to help out by assisting in any way I could with my brother. I loved teaching my brother everything from counting numbers to singing songs. Giving him the gift of knowledge every day was extremely important to me because I knew it would be something that no one could ever take away from him. While the first college graduation that I remember attending was my own, my brother has now seen me graduate twice from universities and to him that is normal behavior and opened his eyes to possibilities I never thought of at his …show more content…
I am grateful that while my brother enjoys the luxuries of being a kid, he also maintains straight As and plays for both his middle school and travel basketball team. His ability to do this in a world competing for his attention motivates me to be progressive. My parents have taught us the importance of not following others but being leaders and this has tremendously transcended to the way I see my brother live. He reminds me of the importance of serving and loving others through his genuine spirit and care. Even though he’s just a kid, he has the common sense and wisdom of an old man to do the right thing.

As I look towards continuing to build a legacy for my brother, I realize I can’t control everything but I can continue to be an example to him. Despite us living states away, I make it a priority to show up for my brother’s graduations, birthday parties, holidays and call and text him so he knows I’m always there for him. Through the lessons of learning and serving that I get to teach my baby brother, I hope to leave a legacy of love, family, learning and service, the things that matter most to

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