Essay on My Brother As An Intermediate Level Student

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Due to not having enough time, I chose to tutor my brother. He is an intermediate level student. He is now taking TOEFL course so he could get higher score in it to be able to apply for a university. He has been studying the language for two years now and he is clearly improving with time because he is doing his best to learn the language. Basically, what I do is asking him about what he had been taking in class so far and if there is anything that he finds challenging and my help in understanding it.
One thing that he still struggling with is tenses. To help him with this, we made a chart together and wrote all the tenses in it. There is examples and explanation for every tense. I also asked him after we finished it that he review it every once in while, two times a week if he could do that, so he won 't forget how to use these tenses. In addition, he uses the chart to review his mistakes after he writes or before if he really needed to. I told him to look at it after he writes so he could test himself first if he remember what he learned. So far, this was really helpful for him. He was able to depend on him self to correct himself and going over the tenses all at once was good for him to see the differences between them. We have spent a long time to look at them all, but it was worth it.
Another thing that I recently noticed with his grammar is his using of the "s" at the end of words. Because he was learning it from different teachers, he has come to be confused of…

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