My Boredom Essay Reflection

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Boredom Essay Reflection
Before I had come to college and taken our Bored to Tears writing class, I really hadn’t thought deeply about boredom and searched into the depths of its meaning. To me boredom normally meant a person was lazy and unproductive or stuck in a boring situation, such as the science fair. The writing tools, class discussions, passages, and books that we read in class opened my mind to the world of boredom in a new light and allowed me improve my skills as a reader and a writer.
The first time I read Where Are You Going Where Have You Been, I was overtaken by surprise. Joyce Oates gave boredom a dangerous name in the fictional life of a teenage girl. The way I approached this piece of fiction was to read through it and take
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I knew from class that the audience would lose focus if the text was too dense, not intriguing enough, and rambled before getting straight to the point. This is to learn for my boredom essay because I now know not to devalue my paper with irrelevant writing simply to fill the page. From this assignment I had also learned to analyze the art before starting my label. I took down notes of everything that I observed and noticed objectively from the image. Next, I used the information from James Pearson as historical evidence for my label. Finally, I developed three tight paragraphs for my audience to read and view the artwork in a new perspective. Aside from writing and reading assignments, our handbook and writing strategy book gave vital writing …show more content…
When I had first written my essay about boredom, I had not formed a solid thesis statement. I wrote, “Boredom is categorized in several ways. Two of them being the way boredom is dealt with as a child and as an adult. The other two is felling bored at home all by your lonesome and being bored with friends while desperately trying to find something to do.” I used the word “being” in the second sentence and drags all the words down with it, which is a mistake in writing I hadn’t known before. I had no context in this introduction and only a broken up thesis. My claim is the first sentence, my evidence is the second two, and there isn’t much of a warrant provided. It is also wordier than it needs to

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