My Birthday - Original Writing Essay examples

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It was my birthday; march 16th 2011. T he rain poured down like a waterfall (1) shamelessly over the city of Mississauga. The roads were flooding, the trees were soaked, the clouds seemed sullen (2) and everybody stayed indoors, including us, the Soliman family. Even though I was celebrating my sweet 16, I had to celebrate it inside the house, with my brother Michael, my sister Sophie and my mom. The day started off well as I received birthday greetings from all the members of my family (except for my dad since he was nowhere to be found) the instant I woke up. I obtained many gifts such as new video games, new clothes and money. I was very thankful and my mood was lifted up instantaneously. The day continued on and I was still joyful and optimistic even though it was storming outside and my dad was still missing. Around noon, we had lunch together- indoors of course- and I kept receiving emails, text messages, social media notifications and many more, wishing me happy birthday. That day just kept getting better and better by the second, until around 5 pm… Mom, Michael, Sophie and I were getting ready to eat dinner together still wondering where my father Bob was. Last time we saw him was 2 nights ago while he was watching the Edmonton Oilers game on TV in our living room. I was just about to dig in however, out of nowhere He suddenly barges in and says: “everybody listen up, I have a very important announcement to make. I want everyone’s attention right this moment.” Eager…

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