Essay about My Birth Of My Family

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To begin, I was born in Kankakee, IL, as Briana Lynn Dahn. My middle name was given to me after my mother Rhonda Lynn Dahn. At the time of my birth, my mother was nineteen years old and unmarried; hence, I was given her maiden name. My mother’s biological father’s name is Frederick Dahn. Frederick’s ancestors are said to have traveled from Germany in the 1930s. Her mother, Teresa Mellein, is of German descent. My Grandma Teresa’s side of the family also had ancestors come from Germany. They immigrated with the hopes of bettering themselves economically. The family was run by struggling farmers looking for better opportunities. Sadly, I do not have any more information when it comes to ancestry. I do not know my biological father at all, so the paternal side of my ancestry is a mystery. I find that to be part of who I am, though, and I have no doubt that the latter has helped to shape my identity. Not having a relationship with my biological father has made me independent. I witnessed my mom’s independence and strength at a young age, and I inherited it. My dad, the man who raised me, helped me to become the conscientious and hardworking person I am today. While thinking about traditions I share with my family, the basis of all of our traditions is food. My family is known to share every holiday, birthday, celebration, and weekend event with big meals. For example, every November, my family has a large group of birthdays. To celebrate them all at one time, my mother always…

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