My Biggest Health Behavior That I Under Eat Essay

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My biggest health behavior that I need to change is my weight. A part of the problem is that I under-eat. It’s not expected, but some days I’ll go an entire day eating maybe one light meal. I am currently in the preparation stage because I am very aware of the problem, and I do intend to change, I just haven’t begun the process to change. I know what I want and I know how to get there, the only thing stopping me is actually doing it. I’ve been aware of the problem most my life, mainly because the majority of my family is overweight. My ultimate goal is to go to the gym at least 4 times a week doing 40 minutes of cardio and then working on different specific muscle groups each visit. Also, in order to obtain my weight goals, I want to try to eat 3 healthy meals and an occasional healthy snack that includes more fruits and vegetables and less bread and carb-dense foods. There are barriers that restrain me from succeeding in reaching my goals. One of my barriers is ultimately not an excuse, but being that I suffer with social anxiety, I never want to go to the gym alone. Not having a friend and motivator by my side keeps me from participation in physical activity. Most my friends are not as interested in the gym as I am. Though I am overweight, I have a passion for the gym and working out. My major even pertains to health. I am in better shape than a proportion of my friends, and they also do not have the same motivation and determination for change as I do. As a result,…

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