My Best Week Essay

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The Week Of Surprises

One week in July was my best week, well was supposed to be the best week. I was 7 years old and still curious about the world, but on on July 5th when my mom walked into my room and yelled, “ Let's go! Time for your week with grandma.” I really didn't want to get up but I had to. I got up very slowly, moped around the house until it was time to get into the car to head up to Botkins. The car ride felt like forever, but jamming out to Hannah Montana kept me entertained. Finally I was at grandma’s and was ready for the best week ever.. Or so I thought. It all started out pretty good. We took a trip to Walmart And got some candy, junk food, and tons of crafts and puzzles. All Grandma told me was, “Any candy you want,
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Grandma took me to the zoo! It was such a long, dreadful, boring 2 hour drive, but it was worth it. We got to the zoo and I made my grandma take me straight to the elephants. They were so cute. I just loved to watch them. Then we made our way over to the giraffes. I even got to feed them. After I fed them the zoo workers let me pet them, they were as soft as a cloud with a blue tongue. The other animals weren't as cool to see or fun to watch as the elephants and giraffes, but my grandma wanted to see them so I let her. We saw just about every animal there. It was a blast. After the zoo, we had to drive all the way back sadly, but I slept the whole time I was so tired. After I woke up from my 2 hour nap grandma quietly asked, “ Sweetie, do you want to go see Hannah Montana at the drive in?” Of course I said yes. I loved Hannah Montana. At the movie I sang along to every single song. That was so fun, yet so tiring. When we got back grandma had to carry me back into the house. I slept for hours. It was a amazing …show more content…
My parents came home from California to finally come and get me. Grandma and my mom talked on the phone the whole way home, it was about me. I told my mom about my arm and all she said was that I am fine, I just need to get stronger bones. After a few weeks of barely any sleep because of the pain, my mom finally took me to the hospital. I had to get many x-rays and see many many doctors. They said that what happened to me was very rare. I ended up actually breaking part of my elbow bone off. I had to have this giant light blue cast from the tips of my fingers to about touching my neck. It weighed almost more than me. After about 5 weeks in that pre-school was almost over for the year and I had to get a surgery. I was so scared, I just felt like I wasn’t going to make it through all of this. I had to have so much done to my arm, I was back to the hospital every single week. They put a metal plate in my elbow because they couldn't recover the broken bones. Still to this day 6 years later I have that metal plate in my elbow and still no feeling in it. The worst part was last summer when I shattered many bones in my forearm in that same arm I broke my elbow. I had many issues caused by the metal plate, although it is all good now. I am still the same girl, but with many very fragile bones in my left

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