My Best Wedding Essay: My Fanciful Dream

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I woke up from my fanciful dream, flipped over on my bed and looked at my phone and couldn’t believe that today has finally came. Today is the day that my life will forever change with greatness that I will be soon married to the man of my dreams. I vaulted out of my bed, slid into clean clothes and quickly got ready to meet up with my maid of honor Roxy. Her hair was a rich shade of mahogany with golden highlights. The natural flow of her wavy hair perfectly framed her cream-coloured skin. Her eyes, framed by long dark lashes, are a midnight blue but seemed to brighten the day. A straight nose, full lips with a soft pink natural tone – she was the picture of perfection and the girl I call my best friend ever since we were five years old. When …show more content…
“I can’t believe how good we look,” I said astonishingly.
When we arrived at the church it looked beautiful, covered with shiny glass windows and royal looking doors. We stepped out of Roxy’s Jeep and instantly you could smell the aromatic blossom filled flowers hovering the stone walkway. We took our time walking up the pathway attempting to fill our insides with the abundant of scents. Right before we entered the church my eyes got covered because the inside was supposed to be a surprise for when I walk down. I got guided to the bride’s room where all of the bridal party was getting changed.
12 hours later I was finally married to the man of my dreams and the last guest was leaving. “Burning House by Cam” was the final song of the night so I got up and grabbed my husband’s hand and walked to the dance floor and started dancing with him.
“Can you believe 12 hours ago we were only engaged?” he asks.
“Not at all, but this summer is just getting started,” I reply back. “The next month is going to be the best honeymoon ever.”
“Well it has already started, I hired a cleanup crew to start in the morning so we can leave first thing and not have to worry about anything around
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They were two motor bikes that have been passed down from generation to generation. We happened to be the sixth generation to use them. The seats were ripped, they had two gas tanks which were rusted but still usable. We each jumped on our bikes and took off for the highway – first stop Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia. We would stay there for about four days to tour around, on the way out we would stop at Cathedral State Park. We would them hit up Blue Ridge Parkway that runs into North Carolina where we want to drive on the Tail of the Dragon. We heard it was a great place for bikers to stop when travelling the United States on motorbikes. It has 318 curves within 11 miles so we had to check it out. After that one hell of a ride we would settle down for a bit and just drive over the Kanas where one my oldest friends Cassie lives. We haven’t seen each other since high school but have stayed in touch ever since she moved to

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