My Best Friends From My Childhood Essay

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Life is filled with many, many relationships. There are some that are forced and some that happen naturally. Of course there are those that are necessary for only a short period and others that seemingly have no end. Sometimes those relationships, the one that have seemingly no end, end.
It’s not easy for me to admit it, but I have to. A relationship between one of my best friends from my childhood is, at least as of right now, over. It’s strange really, how relationships come and go. How some seem to repel shortly after they are no longer absolutely needed, while others just stick. This is a story that is hard to put into words, because it makes no sense. How can someone be your friend from second grade until the first year of college, and then end? How is it possible? Why?
I met Connor when I was in kindergarten, I was not in his class, but I knew of him because he rode my bus. We did not have a ton of interactions, but he was funny. It took a few years before I really figured out how funny he was.
In second grade, we began to become really good friends. He was in my class for the first time and we started to sit by each other more on the bus, until it became a daily thing. Connor and Kyle, just sitting next to each other on the bus, trying to annoy our siblings, just enough to get them irritated, but not too much so that they would get us in trouble with our Mom’s.
I’ll never forget the first time we had a “play-date”. We went to Culver’s on a Friday after school. At one…

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