Essay on My Best Friend Shavonne ( Shavy )

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My best friend Shavonne (Shavy) and I have been friends since our freshman year of high school. As a matter of fact, from the first day we met, we have been close. We told each other everything such as: what we did not like about each other, things we enjoyed, etc. When our senior year came around (about a month away from our graduation) we started experiencing difficulties in our friendship. For instance, there was a time where I was not happy with who she was friends with and vice versa. With that being said, that grew us apart and when graduation came we were not as close as when we first met. In other words, you would not see us together as frequently and would be able to tell that we were not as close any longer. As a matter of fact, people would constantly approach me asking me “what’s wrong with you Shavy ?” and I would respond “why?” unaware that people could tell that we were distant. Furthermore, they would ask her the same question instead regarding me. After all, when it was time for me to proceed to attend college we did not spend my final day in my hometown together. We started to become even more distance from each other once I went away for school. On the contrary, three months into college an enormous amount of issues began coming my way where I felt I was not involved because I have not spoken to anyone from my high school including Shavy since I have been away at school. For instance, one day Shavy came to me through text with an issue stating that I was…

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