My Best Friend - Original Writing Essay

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It was years ago, in the fifth grade, thirty-two students. My class was small with pictures of school events and projects all around. Me a small, black haired kid, and my best friend Maria. Our school has a few fifty to sixty classrooms, each a dull grey and dark blue color. My best friend came up to me with eyes that said “I’m sorry” and a quivering lip that looked as she was in pain as she hugged me, I hugged back. It felt warm, but I knew something was amiss. Maria was the type of person to always smile and not let anyone know something was wrong. We have been best friends since the third grade, where we met, and never have I seen her with a frown till that day in the fifth grade. I asked her “what 's wrong Maria” and as I saw tears flowing down her face i just held her close she spoke and said “I’m moving away” I’m getting ahead of myself, let 's start out at the beginning of the story between Maria and I. It was the year 2008, during recess, I had just gotten to the swings when I saw one of the girls in my class sitting alone in the shade looking at others play, i saw her big smile and I thought she was like an angel. I slowly approached her, sweating a bit from the heat from the sun and a slight touch of nervousness, i never was good at talking to girls in elementary. I sat next to her and as I did she looked at me, as I sat down I noticed she had pale skin, i asked her “why are you sitting here alone? wouldn 't you rather go out and play with the rest”. i gave her a…

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