Essay My Best Friend - Original Writing

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There comes a time in every kid’s life when they meet a buddy that they’ll have all the way through high school. You can always remember what happened to make you and another person click. Especially if that person is your best friend. Sure, I have a lot of pals now, but Aaron Klein has been my best friend for almost eight years. This is our story.
Third grade was the start of it all. Aaron and I had seen each other around before, but it never came to anything. We both had Mrs. Gregory for third grade. Sometime near the middle of the year Mrs. Gregory assigned a new seating chart. Slightly discouraged, since I was a shy kid, I slowly maneuvered my desk to my new place in the room. I sat down next to this kind of chubby kid whose hair was really light brown. He said hi to me, and we went on with our day.
Now I will tell you that the first time that I ever said a word to Aaron, it was because of a silly line from a movie I had seen. Aaron said the line, and I laughed and said the line that came after that. This went on for awhile and I started to realize that I was actually making a new friend. Happy and proud, I continued talking out of turn to my newest companion.
Over the rest of the year we bonded over some of our favorite movie quotes. One of those movies being “Horton Hears a Who”. We would repeat the same lines over and over and it’d never get old. From there on out, our friendship was tight, and it would never be broken. The winter of our third grade year, we chilled…

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