My Best Friend Kylie - Original Writing Essay

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"Hey, want to hear a new pickup line I heard," I questioned my best friend Kylie. She had been acting kind of weird lately and I wanted to do my best to cheer her up.

Kylie tried her best to smile, "S-Sure, Rose."

I grinned already proud of the pick-up line I was about to say. "Is there an airport nearby, or is that my heart taking off?" I said in the sultriest voice I could manage.

Kylie blushed and turned her head away from me. Her hands were wildly fidgeting in her lap as she gazed around; looking at things she 's already seen a billion times. I raised an eyebrow, usually when I spouted crappy lines like that she would tell me to shut up and then proceed to laugh about how stupid I was. This was not the reaction I was expecting; in fact she seemed to sink into herself even more.

"So, um," I cleared my throat, trying to get rid of the awkwardness I felt was surrounding us. "Do you want to watch some TV or something?"

"Okay, TV sounds fine," she whispered.

"Great! Oh, I know, I 'll make some popcorn and we 'll make a night of it. Does that sound good to you?" I leaped up from my position on the couch, stumbling a bit on the way. As I walked backwards to the kitchen, I took the quick chance to observe her. Her long brunette hair fanned around her face as she continued to look downward. Her sea green eyes, which I found absolutely beautiful and was extremely jealous of; showed that she was in deep thought about something important.

I frowned and again wondered when she…

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