My Best Friend For An Adventure Essay

836 Words Jun 17th, 2016 4 Pages
The sunny weather causes me to go outdoors and join my best friend for an adventure. On any terrain I can ride at fast speeds and feel the wind through my hair in nature. Each day try to learn something new so we can improve our skills. Being an equestrian rider has shaped my viewpoints on my future career and family.
Participating with horses has increased my social skills. Caring for the horses and equipment has taught me respect. For example, brushing the horses with the various tools taught me to be diligent and respect my work. I applied these values to my family life with chores such as cleaning my room. Equestrian riding also had an interesting effect of altering my personality. I used to be a shy and quiet person with little social skills and few friends. Riding at a stable has increased my confidence and has helped me to connect with people. Working with horses has allowed me to make friends. My friends all share a common interest. Since we are all at different skill levels we can help each other improve our skills and critique each other on problems when we are riding. Also working with different horses has improved my skills. Each horse has a different personality and gait. The horses have been trained in multiple disciplines such as dressage, jumping and western riding with a wide range of skill levels. Riding horses with all these variables has taught me to adapt to a variety of horses and has taught me not to get used to one horses particular riding style.…

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