Essay on My Best Friend And I Completely Changed The World

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My best friend and I completely changed the world by simply creating a strap that holds someone in place while driving. What people know as "seatbelts" became a number one safety component in all automobile accidents when I was just a teenager. Since seatbelts revolutionized vehicle safety, many more people feel confident driving. In order to invent the seatbelt, my best friend and I had learned to fully understand the need for such a precaution the hard way. It all began in the 1950 's, a time of Bobby Darin, my favorite musician, and president Truman. When I was 15 I remember being utterly obsessed with my high-top converse, chunky glasses, and everything about cars. They called me Derek Jones; I was only 5 '3 with blonde shaggy hair, a pair of green eyes, and dark bushy eyebrows that really complimented that pair of eyes. My best friend, Josh Reeves, wore his tan and blue bowling shirt and oversized saddle shoes almost every single day. Josh stood much taller than me around 5 '9. He had long greased brown hair that all the ladies chased him for. The only thing we had in common was our curiosity in the car department. We wanted to know everything there was to know about automobiles and how they worked. When we got old enough we were going to share my dad’s 57’ Chevy that I inherited when he passed. Every time I climbed into those blue and white leather seats I could remember my dad and his scent of car grease and sweat. My mom and I would sometimes work up the courage…

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